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Extensive experience with product development, software development, product testing, software maintenance, and technical support for commercial products. Management experience with software development, technical support, and IT departments. Over five years experience in radio and audio production including voice over, copywriting, production and air talent.

Proficiencies include C, DCL (scripting language), Assembler, Macro, Bliss, Apache, HTML, CSS. Familiar with Python, Django, Javascript, Node.js, Java, PHP, Perl, Objective-C, BASIC, Fortran.

Deployed and supported projects on OpenVMS, macOS, AWS Linux AMIs, Ubuntu and Windows.


Lexeme, Oakland, CA
Chief Technology Officer, October 2018 to August 2019. [+/-]

Worked with this pre-funded startup team designing, developing and deploying their initial MVP. The initial product was an online document sharing and Q&A tool. This used some Python, Django, CloudFlare, Heroku, AWS, and Node.js among other things. Eventually that accumulated data was going to be combined with NLP and AI to assist in connection and collaboration.

YzOak, Oakland, CA
Chief Information Technology Officer, December 2017 to March 2018. [+/-]

Worked with this pre-funded startup to get their Smart Home IoT device to the demo stage.
Got AWS Node.js website working on AWS using Elastic Beanstalk (and other services).
Defined AWS IoT backend for MVP.
Collaborated with embedded team (STM32 and NanoPi) to get the sensors communicating with the SBC.

MLB.COM, Major League Baseball Advanced Media, Bay Area
PFX and BTS Operations, March 2016 to October 2017. Seasonal [+/-]

Worked at the Oakland and San Francisco ballparks running the systems that feed real time pitch data and play outcome to MLB Gameday, MLB AtBat, StatCast, and the broadcast trucks. Did troubleshooting of systems, software, network connections, video processing and broadcast graphics.

Just Plane Kuhrt, LLC, Oakland, CA
Owner, January 2005 to December 2016. [+/-]
Aircraft Leaseback, Aviation Consulting, System and Software Consulting

Formed the LLC to buy a training aircraft to finish flight training and lease it back to the flying club. Ran the business at a profit for the seven years I owned the aircraft.
Helped others form LLCs and buy aircraft for leaseback.
Consulted on software and hardware configuration, web design, and implementation for a diverse set of clients.

Portland Design Firm, Portland, OR
AWS Infrastructure Architect, October 2015 to March 2016. [+/-]

Consulted with this firm (who requested anonymity) to move all their web based clients to the AWS infrastructure. Used a combination of S3 Static sites, WordPress AMIs and Route 53 to complete the project on-time and on budget.

KTHO AM/FM, South Lake Tahoe, CA
Co-Owner, September 2009 to February 2019 [+/-]
Air Talent, Music Curator, Audio Producer, Computer Manager

Voiced and music produced the 7PM-12M shift for four years. Produced and voiced a weekly alternate music show, broadcast on multiple outlets Worldwide. Maintained the station website (WordPress), station on-air automation (Simian), music (NatMuz), commercial logs (NatLog) and email system (GoDaddy). You can see and hear some voice, production and air work examples here.

Stealth Streaming Startup, San Francisco, CA
AWS Infrastructure Architect, April to December 2014. [+/-]

Consulted with this stealth startup company to help develop the infrastructure for their streaming entertainment platform. My proof of concept used various pieces of the Amazon AWS platform and the Wowza streaming engine to expand and contract instances based on demand from dozens to millions of viewers.

Cocoatech, San Francisco, CA
Technical Support Lead, September 2008 to April 2012. [+/-]

Did a majority of the online technical support for the Path Finder product, a commercial file management tool for OSX written in Objective-C. Worked with Objective-C and X-Code.

Paybl, Redwood Shores, CA
Principal Developer, July to September 2007. [+/-]

Consulted with this startup to try and get their revolutionary payment system to the demo stage. Worked with Fedora Core, MySQL, J2EE, JBoss and Apache.

Barra, Berkeley, CA
System Analyst, Developer and Principal VMS Specialist, 1998 to 2005. [+/-]
System Analyst and Manager

OpenVMS point man for the POSIT institutional stock market trading system. Configured, built, deployed, monitored and maintained high availability, disaster tolerant, clusters in New York, New Jersey, Boston, London, England; Dublin, Ireland; and Toronto, Canada. Over the seven years I ran these systems I had zero application downtime. POSIT on VMS used IBM MQ Series to communicate to Sun trading desks.

Spearheaded the team that migrated all of the VAX based production to the Alpha platform during the Y2K compliance project. This was done in parallel to the original project plan without having to add additional staff. Also setup code management and verification via CMS (code management), MMS (make tools) and regression testing with DTM (test management).

Initiated and completed a project to migrate the main production data center away from an outsourcer to in-house saving the company millions per year. Created a duplicate cluster that ran in parallel to the main outsource cluster, and reverse engineered programs that were proprietary to the outsourcer.

Wrote a disk and tape archive and restore program to replace a product that had been retired by a vendor. Reversed engineered a replacement product using the documentation and help files.

Other Accomplishments

Symark Software, Westlake Village, CA
Principal Developer / Technical Support Analyst, three years [+/-]

Principal developer and programmer for the Manager series, a set of network-wide system management tools written primarily in VAX/DEC C.

Primary technical support analyst for the CacheManager product, a cluster-wide data caching product that used any free memory on any of the systems in the cluster to cache data. Did the support spectrum from end-user support, to kernel-level debugging, and crash dumps.

Primary technical support analyst for the DiskMizer product, a compression disk that saved disk space, but looked like a normal disk to the OS.

Developed a Windows NT front end client for one of the VMS management tools using Visual C++.

Software Perspectives, Simi Valley, CA
Director of Research / System Programmer, two years [+/-]

Wrote parts of the upgrades and enhancements for existing products; Diskeeper (disk defragmenter and file system tool) and I/O Express (cluster-wide data caching product) the largest selling third-party software products in the VMS market.

Programmed in C, Bliss (system internals language for VMS), Macro and assembler.

Executive Software, Glendale, CA
Numerous Technical Positions, five years [+/-]
Database Administrator / Automation Officer

Designed, developed and wrote the majority of the sales tracking and production automation software in VAX BASIC using SMG for menus and RMS index files for data storage.

Software Engineer

Designed, coded and debugged VMS system software in VAX Macro to specifications. Worked in a team with four other programmers and was given the user interface section of the project. Finished my section to specifications ahead of schedule.

Field Test Administrator

Coordinated numerous field test sites for various product beta tests.

System Manager

Set up, maintained and upgraded VAX/VMS system hardware and software for all aspects of the computer operations environment. Installed and maintained dozens of VAXes, VAXStations, and terminal servers as well as hundreds of VT terminals.

Technical Support Analyst

Started and laid the groundwork for a support department that was rated best in the industry by Software magazine. Debugged software problems for the Diskeeper (defragmenter and file system tool) and I/O Express (clusterwide data caching) products that included reading crash dumps and working at the kernel level.

Experience (Other):
Open Source Porting [+/-]

From the cURL FAQ, "Curl is a command line tool for transferring files with URL syntax, supporting FTP, FTPS, HTTP, HTTPS, GOPHER, TELNET, DICT, FILE and LDAP." See for more information.

I worked with the VMS parts of this project for a few years making sure the changes to the base code stayed compatible with clean VMS compilation on VAX, and Alpha. I also got the code working on Itanium (IA64).

Uptimes Project

From the Uptimes FAQ, "The Uptimes Project is an attempt to collect data on system uptimes from various operating system and hardware configurations."

I helped with the VMS port of the client and added cluster foundation time consideration into the client output.


Iowa State University, Ames, IA, Bachelor of Science, Computer Science.
Art Center College of Design, Pasadena, CA, 3D Computer Graphics and Animation courses.
University of California Berkeley, Berkeley, CA, Java Certification Track and Perl courses.
DECUS (et al) Training, OpenVMS Bootcamp, Disaster Tolerant Clusters, Middleware with Weblogic, CSWS (Apache), BridgeWorks and NetBeans IDE.
Oakland Flyers, Oakland, CA, PPASEL, Private Pilot Aircraft Single Engine Land, FAA certificate.
AWS Pop-Up Loft, San Francisco, CA, AWS Essentials (3-Oct-2014), AWS CloudFormation (9-Oct-2014), AWS CoreOS (9-Dec-2014), AWS Redshift Course (5-Mar-2015), AWS Docker Course (5-Mar-2015), AWS Summit (multiple training sessions) (9-Apr-2015), AWS Technical Bootcamp (16-May-2015), AWS Big Data Solutions (19-May-2015), AWS Website Building Lab (28-May-2015), AWS Ops Next Level Lab (09-Jun-2015), AWS EC2 Labs (15-Jul-2015), AWS Lambda and Microservices (29-Sep-2015), AWS API Management (2-Oct-2015), AWS Container Days (5-Nov-2015), AWS DynamoDB Day (20-Jan-2016), Building Real-Time Data Analytics Applications on AWS (29-SEP-2016), Configuration Management with AWS OpsWorks (9-NOV-2016), Optimize Content Processing in the Cloud with GPU and Spot Instances (17-NOV-2016), DynamoDB, ElastiCache and Redis Day (22-FEB-2017), Artifical Intelligence Day (9-MAY-2017), Mobile App Dev on AWS (1-AUG-2017), AWS Storage Day (4-OCT-2017), AWS Well Architected Workshop (12-OCT-2017), AWS Summit SF (4-APR-2018), Startup Day (18-APR-2018), IoT Day (3-MAY-2018), IoT Innovators Day (13-JUL-2018), Scaling From Zero to Billions with DynamoDB (13-FEB-2019), Infrastructure Event Readiness for Ecommerce Startups (21-FEB-2019), Building a Scalable Architecture (27-FEB-2019), Driving Business Agility with AWS Serverless (12-MAR-2019), AI/ML Bootcamp (15 & 16-APR-2019), Hire Your Startup's First Technical Team (16-JUL-2019), Nine Serverless Patterns (27-AUG-2019)

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