Voice, Production and Air Work Examples

Here are some examples of the voice, production and air work I've done over the years.


The Cold Shot Break

This was recorded off the air (off the stream, technically) from KTHO via DAR.fm, a stream recording service, and it sounds a bit over driven. It does show how I handled a head cold while on the air.

The Hero And Harvey Break

Some songs have a long fade out, in this case, Foo Fighters - Hero. Here is an example of a long vamp over the end.

The "Interactive" With Damion

When I did the weekday 7-12M show on KTHO as Marty 'til Midnight, we would have Damion Bragdon doing his Rock & Roll Cowboy Show on Fridays from 11PM to Midnight. He would send me promos that I could interact with to promote the show. I would come up with banter to fit what he sent. Sounded a little something like this...

Production Examples

In the course of my work at KTHO I had to produce ads for various clients.

Golf Day Ad

Every year we would host a Local's Golf Day at the local golf course where the greens fees were low, and fun quotient was high. This is the ad I produced for that event.

Casino Thunderbird Ad

Sometimes I would do ads for the local Casino's upcoming musical guests.

The Marvin Hamster Music Emporium

From 2011 to 2018 I did a two hour weekly alternate 80s/90s music show called The Marvin Hamster Music Emporium, which was broadcast on multiple stations around the World. I chose the music, created the set lists, wrote and voiced the breaks, and did all the audio editing and mixing. Below is a telescoped segment from the show.

You can get more information from the website.

If the audio for this section does not play back properly try doing a right-click Save Audio As...

Video Examples

Leo's Pro Audio TV Ad

Occasionally the ads I voiced would be turned into TV commercials. Here is one for Leo's Pro Audio.

Harry Caray Impersonation

The Oakland A's used to allow you to announce an at-bat of a TV re-broadcast during their Fan Fest. This is my version, vamping a Harry Caray impersonation, with my confused friend Mark.