Kuhrt.net - Now What?

What am I up to now?

Just Plane Kuhrt, LLC

After cutting loose from Barra, I decided to take some time off. One day I went to the Western Aviation Museum at the Oakland Airport, to see what they had. I showed up only to find out that they were closed that day.


As I was driving out I saw a sign on the quonset hut across the street that said "Learn to Fly Here!". Hmmm. That was something I always wanted to do. As a matter of fact, if I would have had better eyesight I would not have gone to Iowa State for a Computer Science degree, but to the Navy to be a flyer. But I digress.

I went in, took an introductory flight, and was hooked.

N43434 picture

After a few months flying someone elses plane and paying a hefty fee for rental, I thought to myself that I should get a plane of my own. I did the numbers and figured I could swing it.

I would up buying N43434, picture left, to finish my flight training. I created Just Plane Kuhrt, LLC, to own the plane.

I now lease the plane back to Oakland Flyers which is a great place to learn how to fly. If you can hack in the complex airplace that is the Bay Area, you can hack it pretty much anywhere.

I got my PPASEL (Private Pilot Single Engine Land) license on 2-FEB-2007!

In July of 2103 I sold the plane to a mechanic who wanted to keep it in the flying club. The engine was past TBO (mandatory overhaul time, basically) and I wasn't about to drop another $20K for an overhaul.


If you work with OSX, the operating system that comes with the standard Apple Mac computer, you know what a hassle the Finder can be. Steve Gehrman wrote a enhanced Finder called Path Finder, which can be found here.

I did a majority of the email and online technical support for the product for a couple of years. I was using this experience to learn how to code for OSX using Objective-C and XCode. When I figured out how abysmal Apple's terms and practices were for developers I decided to not continue that persuit.

Pi Bar

Diane and I decided to invest in, and help start, a restaurant in San Francisco called Pi Bar which serves New York style, thin crust, hand tossed pizzas and a bunch of craft brewed beers. It is a nice neighborhood spot at 25th and Valencia.


Our investments didn't stop there. We now own a bit of a radio station in South Lake Tahoe, KTHO, Local Talk and Classic Rock.

I liked it so much I even do some shows there on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday nights from 7PM to Midnight (mostly). You can check it out here and if I'm "On The Air" you can click on the Listen Live link to hear what I sound like now.

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