Kuhrt.net - Marty's Berkeley Jobs

What I did in Berkeley to try and make something of myself.

One of my favorite quotes, and I'm not sure who to attribute this to, is...

I always wanted to be somebody when I grew up. Perhaps I should have been more specific. I'm grown up, and I'm somebody, but this isn't what I had in mind.


I helped run the stock market matching computer systems for Barra. Actually, ITG and Barra worked together to do this. The POSIT system did a pretty hefty daily average of shares.

This was done using OpenVMS running on AlphaServers (just like this website, only POSIT actually makes money). If you have no idea what OpenVMS is, it is an operating system that doesn't fall over every couple of hours, unlike most Monopoly$oft products.

Had to change this page to past tense in December of 2004 because MorganStanleyDeanWormer bought Barra and away went the productive folks.

Now that I'm not working in Berkeley, I don't go there very often. With the exception of Triple Rock, there isn't much to recommend the town, actually.

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